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Graftsman in Great Country


      The large-scale "China Dream • Graftsman in Great Country" publicity activity was co-sponsored by National Trade Union and CAC, focusing on first-line workers in all walks of life across the country, mining typical cases, showing the superb skills, innovative action and dedicated spirits of technologists from all walks of life in the form of story, and expressing heir artisan spirit. After rigorous screening, Song Deqiang was selected as the typical figure of " Graftsman in Great Country." Reporter interviewed him and shot on site according to his actual work, study and living, the process of growing up from an ordinary worker to a "national excellent worker" to a "national technical expert" , how to grow into a technical expert in steel industry, and how to inherit the "craftsmanship".
      Zhongqi Jiaojian Group has attached great importance to training of skilled talents and inherited the spirit of architectural craftsman. As a construction enterprise, it has trained more than 100 senior technicians and technicians, because construction technology is a prerequisite for creating fine art products. The group improved the technical level of skilled workers and quality in practice by means of teaching trainees by experienced technicians. At the same time, the group carried out many skills training every year as per the technical characteristics of each skilled workers, and the creaftsmanship was also invested to each worker. Thanks to the support and encouragement of such policy and edification of enterprise culture, each employee is saving the positive energy with the faith of carrying forward his own skills.
      Individual’s development is with a direct relation to the enterprise, while a good enterprise regards employees as its owner, which is a kind of "home culture" awareness. In the interview, Song Deqiang said that the enterprise cultivated him and that all the achievements he gained were those of the enterprise, which was not belong to him, and it was impossible for him to have such gains without the good platform built by the enterprise, and it was even more impossible for him to have bright tomorrow!

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