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        Founded in September 1949, Zhongqi Holding Group Co., Ltd. Zhongqi Holding Group is a large enterprise group with a history of 70 years. In the process of its growth, it has won many honors and awards with national or provincial importance, such as National May 1st Labor Award, National Contract First and Credit First Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise of Shandong Province. 
        Zhongqi Jiaojian Group: Top-grade overall contracting of building engineering construction, overall contracting of municipal construction project, professional contracting of decoration, steel structure, electrical and mechanical equipment, construction intellectualization, installation of fire-fighting equipment, earthwork, installation of hoisting equipment, building curtain wall and metal windows and doors, and contracting of foreign economic and technological cooperation and international projects, etc. Zhongqi Holding Group is composed of Zhongqi Jiaojian Group, Zhongqi Kaijian Group, Zhongqi Shengjian Group, Zhongqi Overseas Group and Zhongqi Business Management Group. Zhongqi Holding Group mainly engages in financing, investment and investment management and its business covers construction, industry and tertiary sector. 
        Zhongqi Holding Group takes an active part in social and public welfare undertakings. It has invested and established Zhongqi Holding Group Charity Fund. In the past years, Zhongqi Holding Group has donated more than 12 million CNY to the society, which fully demonstrates its social responsibility and enterprise spirit. 
        Zhang Qirong, board chairman of Zhongqi Holding Group, spares no efforts in serving the country and repaying the society, which has been the mission of Zhongqi Holding Group for more than five decades. Zhang Qirong is leading his team to build images and brands of an excellent enterprise for Zhongqi Holding Group. 

  • National May 1st Labor Award

  • National Contract First and Credit First Enterprise

  • National Quality Project Award

  • China National Quality Award

  • Luban Prize of Chinese Construction Project

  • Safest and Most Civilized Construction Site

  • China Municipal Engineering Gold Prize

  • National Construction Engineering Decoration Award

  • National Customer Satisfaction Project

  • Excellent Management Team for National Engineering Construction

  • Advanced Unit for National Enterprise Staff Education Training

  • Advanced Enterprise in Shandong Province

  • Labor Award for Enriching People and Prospering Shandong in Shandong Province

  • Construction Technician Workstation in Shandong Province

  • Shandong Enterprises Internship Training Base

  • “Three-above” Enterprises Statistical Work Standardized Unit with Five Stars in Shandong Province

  • Taishan Cup for Quality of Construction Projects in Shandong Province

  • Taishan Cup for Quality of Decoration Engineering in Shandong Province

  • High-quality Structure Cup for Construction Projects in Shandong Province

  • Silver Award for Excellent Intelligent Construction Projects in Shandong Province

  • Top 50 Units for Building of Characteristic Enterprise Culture in Shandong Province

  • Outstanding Contribution Award of Professional Skills Competition in Construction Industry in Shandong Province

  • Teaching and Research Base of China Petroleum University

  • Teaching and Research Base of Shandong University of Science and Technology

  • Qingdao City Mayor Quality Award

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