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Zhang Deping, secretary of Communist Party of China, visited the group


      On April 23, director of the Standing Committee of the NPC of the city, Zhang Deping, visited Zhongqi Group for investigation accompanied by leaders of the relevant departments. Zhang Deping visited the honors showroom of the group, and watched the group’s publicity videos. Chairman of the Group’s Board of Directors Zhang Qirong made a report on the development of the Group in recent years. Vice general manager of Zhongqi Shengjian Group, Ma Zhensheng, gave a report on the construction and transformation of the new rural community at Ligezhuang Town. At the investigation meeting, secretary Zhang Deping fully affirmed the constant development and growth of the Group, the gratifying achievements, and the contributions the Group has made for the economic development of Jiaozhou. He also hoped that the Group would seize opportunities and actively participate in the constructions of the city in the critical transiting period of Jiaozhou, so as to make more contributions to the city's economic development.

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