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"One-day Donation for Charity" was actively carried out


      Philanthropy, as a symbol of social civilization and progress, is a vivid display of human love. To actively respond to the "One-day Donation for Charity" proposed by municipal government, establish the concept of "everyone shall be charitable" and guide employees to consider helping poverty-stricken population as their due obligations and social responsibilities, the company organized the activity on July 1.
      Chairman of the Board, Zhang Qirong, President Guo Daoshen, Vice Presidents, Zhang Zengchang, Xu Kuixue and Zhang Guixiang, Party Secretary, Zhang Xiuling, Labor Union Chairman, Sun Shuyun, etc. attended the donation ceremony. Every employee actively participated in the activity, generously solicited their love, and donated RMB 24,000 yuan at the donation ceremony.

      The rose's in her hand, the flavor in mine. This donation activity made all employees feel priceless and dedication of love, and at the same time, it reflected the good style of self-sacrifice and selfless dedication of Zhongqi persons. Zhongqi Holding Group would continue to shoulder the responsibility of repaying society and make a positive contribution to build a harmonious society.

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