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Devoting love and rendering society


      To vigorously carry forward the traditional virtues of poverty alleviation and philanthropicminde, and to take care of others and contribute to society through practical actions, Zhongqi Holding Group has actively participated in social public welfare and set up the charity fund. Over the years, Zhongqidong Group has donated nearly RMB 12 million yuan to society, which fully reflects our social responsibility and spirituality.

      On April 20, an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 occurred in Ya'an, Sichuan Province. To help the disaster area to rebuild its homeland, Zhongqi Holding Group carried out donation with the theme of " when difficulties arise in one place, aid comes from everywhere" within the whole group. All cadres and employees have extended their hands and actively offered their love to the people in the disaster-stricken areas. In only a few days, the donation reached RMB 72,151 yuan, expressing the deep concern for the people in the disaster areas and contributing to build a harmonious society.


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